Sunday, April 19, 2009

By Train to Mangalore

From Bangalore by train to Mangalore is at a distance of approximately 350kms.

The train route is a very scenic one. For the nature lovers it offers a 55km stretch of Western Ghats on one side and valley on the another side. The train passes over 90 major bridges and through 57 tunnels. Ironically the train starts from Bangalore around 7:45 p.m and one will not witness much of this beauty.

But still I could get glimpse of what I had missed on this scenic route.

As Mangalore station was approaching, I could see large number of white spots on a big tree. But as the train approached closer, I could make out that they were white cranes that are sitting on the trees.

It would have been great if the train had operated in the day time so we could enjoy the beauty of nature.

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