Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Melkote Ponds

Melkote (High or Superior Fort) is located in Mandya district of Karnataka state in India. It is famous for various temples and ponds. The famous temples of this place are seen in the earlier post Melkote Temples.

Some of the well known ponds of this place are:

Kalyani Pond

The large pond which is part of the Cheluvanarayanaswamy temple is called Kalyani. It is also known by the name Pushkaranani. The beauty of the pond is enhanced by its location, the steps that lead to the water and the Mandaps built around the pond.

The view of the pond from Yoganarsimhaswamy temple.

The mandapa around the pond.

There are carvings at the bottom of the pillars of mandapa. One such carving on the pillar is shown above.

Akka Tangi Kola

There are a pair of ponds behind the Cheluvanarayanaswamy temple known as Akka Tangi Kola In English it translates to sister ponds. The water of Akka kola is sour-salty and that of Tangi kola is sweet. Only the sweet water is used for the temples.

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