Monday, June 22, 2009

Devanahalli Fort

Devanahalli is a small town located at a distance of 35 kms from Bangalore. It has been in the news in the recent times for the Bangalore International Airport that has come up there. As of now it happens to be the second largest airport in the country.

This is not the only reason for town's fame. There is lot of history associated with this place and it happens to be the birth place of Tippu Sultan known as Tiger of Mysore. He was born here in 1750 A.D

But the history of this town is much older than this. Here exists a fort built by Mallabairegowda in 1501 A.D. It remained in the hands of his decedents till 17th century and later occupied by Tipu Sultan family. The present fort is not the original one, but rebuilt by Hyder Ali and Tippu by stone in the 17th century. It is spread over a total area of 20 acres with roughly oval east orientation of fortification. A spacious battlement is provided towards the inner side of the fortification. Like Jaisalmer Golden Fort this is a living fort where many families live inside the fort.

The fort has as many as 12 semi-circular bastions. The bastions are provided with gun points built with lime and brick.

The fort has entrances decorated with cut plasterwork at the east and west. The entrances are quite small, comfortable enough for the horses of yore.

There is a memorial located about 150m south-west of the fort, is traditionally identified as the spot where Tippu Sultan was born. A four pillared arched structure which rests on a square platform within a masonry enclosure having entrance from the east is the only remains available.

The fort has several beautiful temples.

How to Reach There

This place is located on Bangalore - Hyderabad National Highway 7. On this road do not take a deviation to the airport. But still proceed until you reach a junction with circle on the road. At this junction right and immediate right again. This will lead to the fort via Tippu Memorial.

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