Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Queen's Bath, Hampi

In Hampi, the Queen's Bath is part of the Royal Enclosure. This was constructed during the Vijaynagar Empire any time from 1336 to 1565. This is a enclosed space, consisting of a complex of changing rooms and a bath. At present only the bath is extant.

Queen's Bath interior (Click on the image for bigger picture)

A strikingly, simple facade structure, in the Indo-Islamic style of Vijaynagar architecture, the interior of the bath is total contrast, with its ornate stucco and plaster work.

View of Queen's Bath balcony

The structure is 30 sq. mts., with a 15 sq. mts, bath inside, which is 1.8 mts, deep. Pillared and vaulted corridors run all around, with ornate balconies projecting into the bath. There is a water channel inlet to the East, and a moat that runs all around the structure that ensured a constant supply of fresh water. There are steps leading down to the floor of the bath to the North, and the remnants of four pillars in the center, which probably supported a pavilion. But there exists no evidence to justify the name. The wall on either sides 1.e., inner and an outer face of smoothed and fitted stone blocks with an earth and rubble fill between them.

Another view of Queen's Bath balcony

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