Monday, September 14, 2009

Mahanvami Dibba, Hampi

In the Royal Enclosure zone of Hampi this is a giant 3 layer structure and is the tallest in this area. From a distance this looks very simple elevated square stage and may not generate any interest to go near it. But as one approaches the structure, more details emerge and one can appreciate the marvel in stone. The platform is known as the Mahanavami-dibba (House of Victory).

Platform (click on the image for bigger view)

This dimension of the base of these structure is 40 meter square and the topmost area is 24 meter square. It is 12 meters in height. The top of the structure can be reached by the the stairs either in the front (east facing) or in the back. There is nothing at the top, but for the view if the surrounding area from the top. The front stairs are highly decorated on either sides with carvings of elephants, horses, camels, lions and a host of other things.

The walls of the tiers are covered with rows of boldly carved horizontal friezes of horses, elephants, warriors, dancers, musicians,royal ceremony, city life, hunting scenes.

processions and hunting scenes

This was constructed by King Krishnadevara in the
16th century. This platform was used by the king to watch the army march-pasts, war games, aquatic sports, shows of the royal animals, musical performances and also the most important Navarathri celebrations.

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