Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sister Rocks, Hampi

Hampi is a rock garden where you will see rocks for miles as far as your eyes can gaze. One can see rocks of all sizes and shapes all around. Some of them have given shape to construct beautiful temples and carvings. (Click on all the images for bigger picture)

There are two such natural rocks which have been not given any shape and they can be seen even today as they were from ages. These rocks can be seen on the way to Kamalapur, which is 4 kms away from Hampi . The interesting aspect of these Sister Rocks (popularly known as Akka – Thangi Betta) is they lean against each other and touch each other only at the top tip. Local legend has it that two sisters were walking towards Hampi and the were very tired and the weather was very dry. As a result they insulted Hampi and they were cursed to become rocks.

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