Sunday, March 21, 2010

George Castle, Shivpuri

Deep inside the Madhav National Park near Shivpuri, at the highest point is the turreted George Castle built by the King Jiyaji Rao Scindia. Here imported English tiles for the floors and stained glass for the windows has been used. This was built at the time when British Ruled India. This was built for Emperor George V in the anticipation of his visit to India. It is a different story that he did no turn up. The castle supposed to provide best view of the lake below at the time of Sunset. (Click on all the images for bigger picture)

As we did not enter the park, we did not get a closer view of the castle. But, I still managed to get a glimpse of the castle while boating in the lake. I had clicked several snaps of this castle from the moving boat.

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