Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shekhawati Paintings

Shekhawati region in western India, is famous for its mural paintings. It is like a huge open air gallery of painted walls, havelis and palaces in the vast expanse of the desert of Rajasthan in India. Every nooks and corner of the each town, street, home has been painted with frescoes. The homes built by the people of the region feature exquisite paintings that decorate their walls, doors, and interiors. The themes of these frescoes depict gods, kings, flowers and scenes from daily life. (Click on the images for bigger picture)

The technique of Fresco painting in Shekhawati is very similar to the Italian Fresco technique of the 14th century. Mostly vegetable pigments were used for coloring. Some of the main ingredients are kajal for black, lime for white, neel for blue, geru for red, kesar for orange, yellow clay for yellow.

The above image is interior courtyard of haveli in Mandwa taken in the night. This technique has been used since 1580 in this region. So this paintings in this area are around this period.

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