Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chaturbhuj Temple, Khajuraho

The Chaturbhuj Temple built in 1100 A.D belongs to the Southern Group of Khajuraho Temples (State: Madhya Pradesh). This temple is west faceing and stands on a platform, which is approached by a flight of ten steps. (Click on the image for bigger view)

In this temple all the sections like a shikhara (tower), sanctum, the mahamandapa and an ardhmandapa are in fully developed stage and are interconnected, located on the same axis.

The tower of this temple is plain when compared to other temples in the region. Below the tower there are three bands of sculptures with the images of dikhpalas, ashtavasus, nymphs and the recesses of mythical lions.

Over the lintel of the doorway are carved exquisite figures of Brahama, Vishnu and Mahesh. Inside the sanctum there is a idol of massive 9ft high, carved image of four armed Lord Vishnu.

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