Monday, November 1, 2010

Parsvanath Temple, Khajuraho

The Parsvanth Temple built in 950 - 1150 A.D belongs to the Eastern Group of Khajuraho Temples (State: Madhya Pradesh). This is one of the three Jain temples built by rulers of Chandel Dynasty inside the walled enclosure. (Click on the image for bigger view)

Measuring 20m x 11m, it is the largest among the Jain temples in Khajuraho. It is also one of the magnificently carved Jain temples in India. The walls of the temple have three bands of graceful sculptures depicting Hindu Gods.

The sculptures on the walls of this temple have been carved with great precision. More figures can be found on the outer face of the sanctum, depicting 'apsaras' (heavenly nymphs) in a variety of poses.

In the sanctum there is idol of Parshvanatha, a Jain Tirthankara.

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