Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taj Bawdi, Bijapur

Taj Bawdi constructed in 1620, is one of the interesting sights in Bijapur (State: Karnataka). Ruler Ibrahim Adil Shah built this well in honor of his queen Taj Sultana. (Click on the images for bigger picture)

It measures 223 sq feet and 52 feet deep. The entrance to the well has a 35 feet span majestic arch and is flanked by two octagonal towers. On the eastern and western sides of the tower there were the rest houses for the tired travelers. Beyond the archway is a small platform and a flights of stairs on either sides of the platform leads one to the water.

This place is not maintained that well, and if not taken care soon will be ruins. The landscape of Bijapur is full of historic monuments. Every inch of a place here has a tale of its own to depict. It is impossible to maintain them, unless the people themselves take the initiative.

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