Saturday, December 4, 2010

Flowering Tree - Red Bottle Brush

Bangalore (State: Karnataka) known as Garden City true to its name as lot of flowering trees on either side of most of the roads. They bloom with flowers of various colors. One such tree is Bottle Brush tree also known as Callistemon. (Click on the images for bigger view)

The flowers are bright red, and attract nectar-feeding birds and insects. The flower spikes of this tree are made of several individual flowers. The name is apt as can bee seen from the bright red flowers which have the shape of a bottle brush.

The tree grow only as big as 15 feet. They enhance the beauty of any garden. They grow superbly in the regions where the climate is warm, humid, and receive full sunlight. The flowers produces small woody fruit that contain numerous seeds.

The fine leaves and the bright red inflorescence make this tree one of the beautiful trees that enhances the landscaping of any gardens or parks.

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