Sunday, December 12, 2010

Varaha Temple, Khajuraho

The Varaha Temple is located in front of the Lakshmana Temple is one of the oldest temple in Khajuraho (State: Madhya Pradesh). Belonging to Western Group of Temples it is one of the smallest and beautifully carved temple at Khajuraho. It is built some time by the rulers of Chandela dynasty between 930 and 950 A.D. (Click on the image for bigger view)

The stands elevated above the ground with 14 short pillars that support the high pyramidal roof capped with an kalash. It has a huge monolithic image of the standing Varaha (the boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu). The image is made out of sandstone and measures 2.6 meters long and 1.7 meters high. It is unique from other images of Khajuraho as the stone shines like burnished metal.

The entire body of the divine creature is carved in low relief along with the figures of more than 600 gods and goddesses of the Hindu religion.main shrine of the temple has four subsidiary shrines at the corners of the temple platform.
The temple has columned halls with balconies, an entrance porch, and the inner sanctum.

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