Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tonnur Kerre, a Picturesque Lake

Tonnur Kerre is a little known place when compared to the neighboring places like Mysore, Srirangpatana, Melkote. Never the less that does not reduce the beauty or charm of the place. This place does has historical significance.

The area is famous for the beautiful fresh water lake surrounded by hillocks. The lake occupies an area of around 2000 acres. About 1000 years ago Saint Ramanujacharya moved to this place from Srirangam. He had built the lake and then moved to nearby area Melkote. The lake is built between two rocky hills by constructing a dam. The source of water is by means of river and many streams running off the hills surrounding the lake.

Because of the crystal clear water in the lake it is also known as Moti Talab. This forms a ideal picnic spot away from the busy life of the city. People can also enjoy boating here in the local made round boats called "Theppa". In one corner of the lake there is a small beach where people can relax. It is a very calm and scenic place and words make no justice to it. It has to be only experienced to cherish.

The water from the lake is used for irrigation. Even fishing is done here for the variety of fishes. If one sits on the edge of the lake lot of small fishes come close to you in search of food.

This is not a place for sightseeing. This is more of a place where people can relax in the nature from their daily busy routines. The place is slowly getting popular and one can see steady increase in number of people coming here. I only hope that influx of tourists to this spot does not disturb the serenity of the place.

Melkote which has beautiful temples and ponds is at a distance of 15 kms from here.

How to Reach There

This place is located interior to the Bangalore - Mysore 2 lane highway in the right side while going towards Mysore. Just after crossing Mandya one can see a road on the right and directions are available on highway for Melkote. It is approximately 35 kms from this highway and from Bangalore it is around 130kms. The roads are very good and people do drive here at good speed.

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